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Accessing Your App Locally on Other Devices

Published Jul 24, 2020


I recently needed to test some ui across a few different devices that I own (mac, pc, iphone) and didn't want to get into something like browserstack or virtual machines to test each one out. I found that from my Mac, I could host my react app and rails server at, and I could access either app from my local ip followed by the target port. I thought this was pretty cool because I got the hot reloading from React across all three of my devices. First you'll need to...

Start your App from a Bound IP

  # for react app, needs the HOST environmental variable first, or in a .env file
  HOST= yarn start 
  # for rails app, -b flag is for ip binding, can use other flags in conjunction as well
  rails server -b 

Then on the same device you'll want to...

Retrieve your local IP address


Open your terminal of choice and type


Then look for your IPv4 Address in the returned list, that's your local IP address, it typically starts with 192.168


Open your terminal of choice and type

  ipconfig getifaddr en0

The returned value is your local IP address, it typically starts with 192.168

Access your app from another device

Now from another device you can go to your browser (or make requests to)

  # typically it looks something like

Wrapping up

🚀 Cool! So now you can visit your page and do some cross device testing, or access a development api from a separate development app (probably some more use cases I haven't thought of). And, like I mentioned if you're working on a React app (or something else with hot reloads) you'll see those updates in any device that's connected.